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About Us

About Fehrenhacher Truck & Trailer Inc

Fehrenbacher Truck & Trailer Inc. has been providing outstanding truck and trailer repairs in
Olney. IL since 1985. When Fehrenbacher Truck & Trailer Inc. first started out. their passion for
high-quality trucks drove them to start their own business.

Fehrenbacher Truck & Trailer Inc is your reliable source for all Truck and Trailer Repairs and
were dedicated to providing you the very best truck and trailer repairs. with a reputation for
quality and prompt service.

We specialize in alignment work and engine overhauls and offer roadside assistance as welL
Our goal is always to keep your large vehicles on the road.


  • Bart Fehrenbacher – Owner – Bart started the Red Rooster and opened Fehrenbacher
    Truck & Trailer shortly thereafter in 1985. He attended college at OCC and has been
    working active in the business since.
    Bonita Fehrenbacher – Started in 1985 and is currently the Off ice Manager.
    Harold ‘Buddy’ Brown started in 1987. He is responsible for all specialty mechanic
    work. alignments and roadside work
  • Jonah Woomer has been with the team since 2014. He is the head engine mechanic on
  • JR Waters is a new addition to the team. He is an excellent overall mechanic
  • Jennifer Houchin has been with the company since 2001. She is the Parts Manager.
  • In Memory of Brad Hayes -1993 – 2018. He was employed with Fehrenbacher Truck &
    Trailer since 1993. His dedicated and years of service to Fehrenbacher Truck & Trailer are
    appreciated. He will be truly missed.

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Fehrenbacher Truck & Trailer Repair is fully accredited by the Better Bussines Bureau